Denoising physiological data collected during multi-band, multi-echo EPI sequences

Bottenhorn KL, Salo T, Riedel MC, Sutherland MT, Robinson JL, Musser ED, Laird AR, Aperture Neuro 3 :1-10 (2023).


Collecting physiological data during fMRI experiments can improve fMRI data cleaning and contribute to our understanding of psychophysiological processes; however, these recordings are frequently fraught with artifacts from the MRI pulse sequence. Here, we look at manufacturer recommendations for filtering such artifacts from physiological data collected during single-band, single-echo fMRI sequences and extend these recommendations to address artifacts associated with multiband, multi-echo fMRI sequences. While the magnitude and frequencies of artifacts differ with these aspects of pulse sequences, their effects can be mitigated via application of digital filters focused on the slice collection and repetition time.